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Yektanet’s motto is honesty, transparency, empathy and ongoing innovation. Our goal is to deliver the best results to our advertisers and make revenue for our publishers, so that they can produce high quality content for Persian audience. Yektanet’s team is data-driven and does its best to optimize the performance of online advertising campaigns. With this in mind, utilizing Yektanet’s artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have created spectacular products in order to be able to serve our clients with more effective online advertising services.

  • Advertisers

    With consistent optimization in algorithms, Yektanet helps you reach the highest quality of online ads. Yektanet’s professional team is always by your side to make sure you get the result you desire.

  • Publishers

    By sharing detailed transparent reports of the revenue of your ad placements, Yektanet empowers you to maximize your media’s revenue, so that you can make the most out of your website’s advertisement on fair grounds.

  • Agencies

    Utilizing Yektanet’s management panel, you can monitor multiples of your clients’ campaigns. Yektanet’s detailed campaign performance reports help you optimize their campaigns and create the best results for them.

The Largest Online Advertising Platform in Iran

Cooperating with more than 500 websites from the largest media in Iran, Yektanet has the capacity of more than 1 billion qualitative clicks per month, which provides businesses of all size with abundant web traffic of high quality.


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15 Billion

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Yektanet has become Iran’s most powerful and most credible CPC advertising platform in shortest time possible, which pertains to their professional team who knows market’s needs and has resolved them the best. You can easily have trust in them and be sure to get the best results.

Mahdi Moazzami 
Performance Marketing Supervisor at Digikala

Working with Yektanet is of great pleasure as you’re confident that you are working with a team who knows exactly how to manage campaigns wisely and target your real audience well.

Morteza Taher
Digital Marketing Manager at Sheypoor
مهدی فروغی

Yektanet’s Unrivaled ( i.e. professional, educated, empathetic and ambitious) team makes me have hope, despite Iran’s rather disappointing state in digital advertising. I wish ongoing growth and success upon this team, who make any caring individual in online adverting ecosystem proud.

مهدی فروغی
Senior Marketing Manager at Bimito
داوود مشتاقی

Iran’s online advertising market really needed a team who knew customers’ needs well. I think Yektanet is growing exponentially in this path.

Davoud Moshtaghi
Marketing Manager at Modiseh