Yektanet’s retargeting ads help you advertise more optimized than ever, as they win your lead customers’ attention back and remind them to revisit your website and make their purchase complete.

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Serve right ads, to the right customers, at the right time

The Right Ads

Invite your customers to make a purchase using special offers

With right retargeting strategy, you can plan for each step of customers’ journey and win their attention back with tempting offers. For instance, you can give discounts to those who have abandoned products in their carts and encourage them to complete their purchase. The more you customize your ads, the higher CTR and conversion rates you get.

The Right Audience

Target people who have already shown interest in you

Using retargeting campaigns, your ads are served to your potential customers; so these ads have highest click through and conversion rates. By distinguishing people who have already shown interest in your product or service, you can remind them your brand and even grow your sales by recommending them similar products and services.

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The right time

Get your users’ attention back with on-time offers

With Retargeting ads, you can remind your brand to your customers right at the moment they are surfing the web. In addition, having your users segmented by how they have interacted with your website ( liked the ones who have purchased your products) you can introduce them your new products or announce your seasonal offers at the right moment, in order to encourage your loyal customers to buy more.

Why do the largest brands use Yektanet’s retargeting?

It does not matter how much mastery we have over digital marketing concepts, while there is no proper tool in hand to put our wonderful ideas into practice. Yektanet’s retargeting has reduced our CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) by 30%. Be sure that the conversion rates you get from Yektanet’s retargeting can compete with the most effective channels you know.

Mahdi Foroughi
Senior Marketing Manager at Bimito

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